Why Amy?

Town of Smithtown residents deserve an effective, accountable, and ethical government.  Amy Fortunato represents a fresh perspective toward public service that is sorely needed in our Town Government.  As a pastor, Amy pledges to bring a mentality of stewardship to our Town; serving residents with respect, humility, and honesty.    

Guided by an unwavering commitment to local issues, Amy will provide an independent voice; responsive to all residents.  Amy will use her position to bring greater transparency and put an end to cronyism in Town Government.   

Willing to set aside partisan labels, Amy feels compelled to be an advocate for Smithtown taxpayers, pledging to hold government accountable; irrespective of party.  Her bold vision, administrative skills, and fiscally conservative perspective represent the vital assets that Amy will bring to the Town Board.


About Amy.

Amy and her husband Joe have lived in Smithtown for over 25 years where they have raised their three children and two grandchildren.  Amy is a successful community leader, a pastor with a Master of Divinity from New York Theological Seminary, and a former Citibank manager with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.


Ready to help?